The Life Cycle of Family Wealth

From growing a business to starting a family or handing over control of that business to the next generation, every individual has their own goals to aspire to. These goals will be shaped around key life milestones and will change depending on what stage in life a person has reached. As these milestones approach, this will often be a time to reflect, resulting in a change in priorities and a different focus for both their wealth and family. Our Private Wealth lawyers advise our clients throughout this family life cycle, providing the legal advice required for specific transactions such as purchasing a home or selling a business, whilst also advising on the long-term opportunities for succession and estate planning. In our experience there are three key priorities for individuals and their families with regards to their wealth – to create, share and enjoy it. Forsters Private Wealth are here to support families achieve their ambitions; our overarching purpose is to assist clients to grow, preserve and protect their wealth so that they can focus on what matters to them, no matter what stage in life they have reached.


Enable our clients to carry out their aspirations whilst finding opportunities to grow or utilise their wealth.


Planning opportunities to safeguard our clients' wealth for the future and pass it onto the next generation.


Protecting our clients when disputes and disagreements arise that put wealth and assets at risk.

Read on to find out what issues individuals and their families need to consider at key milestones in life and how we can support and advise our clients to achieve their ambitions.

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